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Hockey Day In Canada
Today is HDIC!
by dannykuhl777 February 21, 2009
35 14
Acronym for:
Head Dick In Charge
Heard on most any construction site. Hey, who's the H.D.I.C. around here?

head dick boss foreman supervisor owner client
by TheTraveler November 04, 2011
4 1
"Head Dick In Charge" Male version of the term "HBIC" or "Head Bitch in Charge".
"Did you see that guy tell off his boss?!"
"Wow, he's such a HDIC!"
"So I hear you took down that bear with your fists?"
"Yeah, I guess I'm the HDIC in these woods."
by HeadBitchInCharge January 28, 2012
3 2