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nipples having the appearance of being lightly dusted on los boobs
mf has dusty peaches
6 35
Someone who hasn't been laid in ages so they become dusty.
Sam: ahh look at that Callum kid he's dusty.
by Sknden October 23, 2011
36 69
Big head fat and shuffles up and down the corridor lukin for little lost children 2 bum rape and hes m8's dont like him dusty if u read this ur a twat
that fat headed baffon looks like dusty awwwww what a shame 4 him
9 43
The most amazing friend you'll ever meet.He'll take your heart with one look and there's no way to get it back.He'll always be with you,even if it's not in reality.He's absolutely adorable.He deserves a lot more than he gets.One of the sweetest guys ever.And everybody loves him.I will always love Dusty.
Dusty is amazing.
by imamonster69 December 06, 2010
116 151
A small, very gay little boy who often sucks massive amounts of penis at a time. Often participates in circle jerks, and bukake.
That was such a dusty thing to do..
by James February 26, 2005
19 60
the nicest sweetest most aesome guy in the universe!!!
"He is a total Dusty!!!"
"AWW i wish i had a dusty.."
"She is so lucky she goes out witha dusty."
by Madi Skeim March 04, 2008
103 150
someone who wears the same clothes day after day
yo that girl's dusty; she bin wearin that for a whole week strait.
by Ja Killa November 01, 2003
123 176