nipples having the appearance of being lightly dusted on los boobs
mf has dusty peaches
1. Old, boring, or unwanted.
Ex. 1: Man, get your dusty ass outta here I'm sick of lookin at you!
Ex. 2: Kyle: Who likes my new whip bby?!!?

Jimmy, clearly ragging on him: Shut up and get that dusty lookin thing outta here. It is so not flippy floppy.
by r1e2d4s5o7x8 September 13, 2009
one who does stupid things or dirt things (adj. or noun)
What a dusty!
That's a dusty thing to do.
Nick, Kareem and Robbie are dusties
by Fat Tits Fart December 06, 2007
A motha fuckin poser that tries too hard with being friends with better gangstas then him
motha fuckin poser!!!!
by The Game April 15, 2005
A game played where you lift you lay down and have lift a small child up by holding their hands and have them sit on your feet. You count to 3 and at 0 you push the child's butt into the air and their body rises. (This is similar to superman or airplane)
I played dusty with my little brother. He went high into the air while he was lifted up.
by Andy March 21, 2005
Someone who hasn't been laid in ages so they become dusty.
Sam: ahh look at that Callum kid he's dusty.
by Sknden October 23, 2011
Big head fat and shuffles up and down the corridor lukin for little lost children 2 bum rape and hes m8's dont like him dusty if u read this ur a twat
that fat headed baffon looks like dusty awwwww what a shame 4 him

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