A term used in the EOD field to describe a fucking awesome event where things spontaneously explode from being overwhelmed with all that is bad-ass.
by Rupert Pumpkin February 05, 2010
Skinny little fucker that chucks rocks.
Quit being such a Dustin and play some hide-and-go fuckyourself, noob.
by masked man 101 October 10, 2005
A name given typically to a white person who pretends they are german because they can speak it. Usually the parents call the kid the wrong name at birth to cause confusion later on in life
Terry you are not german and your name is Dustin. Nugget touched you in your sleep
by frenchie wench April 27, 2009
A Dustin is quite simply the most remarkable, unique person that anyone would be privileged to have the chance and great fortune to meet. To look upon a Dustin can even blind someone due to his sheer greatness. With dashing good looks, an irresistible charm, and an unprecedented sense of humor, being in the presence of a Dustin will often overwhelm one's senses, causing one to be left breathless and in a state of bliss. Once a Dustin has entered your life, he will begin to consume your thoughts, and eventually your heart and soul, leaving you in a constant state of falling for this incredibly hot man. A Dustin has the ability to make someone nervous and clumsy yet feel completely comfortable around him all at once. A single touch from a Dustin will send fire through one's body, a whisper rendering one incapable of any thought whatsoever. He's so deliciously hot, no amount of time can satisfy the craving one acquires for the need of a Dustin. Although a Dustin will often use words and terms from an era long past (ie. britches, cattywompus, hooded sweetshirt, and "bustin' my chops") he is hip and is highly intelligent, harboring knowledge far beyond the average person. While it is impossible to even come close to describing the vast amount of magnificence, the plethora of glorious, extraordinary qualities that is a Dustin, if one has a Dustin in their life, they would be thankful to be deemed worthy of his time, and they are truly to be counted among the blessed.
Girl-"If I could lay in a hammock with a Dustin Dale all night, I would be the luckiest girl in the world!"

Girl 1-"What did you do last night?"

Girl 2-"I spent it with a Dustin. He's so hot and intoxicating we fucked all night, I just couldn't get enough of him."
by PrettyGreenEyes117 December 14, 2010
A blonde man, typicly over weight that likes penguins a little too much.He also won't shut the hell up when you define him.
man this dustin was beradeing me on the train ride home, i wanna drop him.
by Sogi May 21, 2009
He's that kid that you see getting yelled at down the street for throwing glass bottles on the ground. The one the old lady threatens to call the cops on, because he's that shady of a character. Or the boy who had been suspected to be an obese 40 year old man with a ponytail by your mother, just moments before...
He's that cute kid you decide to stalk because you met him in Chinese class and you thought it'd be fun.

But in reality, He's the one you've been waiting for.
He's sweet, funny, incredibly adorkable, nerdy as can be, sexy, he can be a buttface sometimes, but you learn to look past that.
Because you realize you can't live with out him... Even if he sometimes delays responding when he's playing video games, you love him still.... <3
Boy: Did you hear about that guy who was like totally awesome...?

Girl: Yeah, he's so dreamy....

Boy: Hey!! D: what about me?!?!?

Girl: Nothing personal... But you're no Dustin.
by LoveIsInsanity January 09, 2012
A Dustin is funny, creative, excitable, agreeable. A Dustin is a fast runner who will tick you off when he suddenly becomes faster than you. A Dustin isn't someone you should judge, because he is someone wonderful and kind.

He is very cute and is just another name for Romeo. A Dustin is someone who knows the perfect way to slow dance to give you a perfect tingle down your spine.

A Dustin is generous and gives compliments easily. He is always true and can play the guitar, maybe in talent shows. A Dustin is modest and not ever awkward. He is easy to talk to.
Person 1: that was the most wonderful person I've ever met. and he can dance!
Person 2: he must be a Dustin.
by ¡Celery! May 01, 2012
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