OnE HoT sExY mAmA
Hot Like The Stove:P
by unknown;) February 07, 2004
Otherwise known as Psycho Geiger or Dork. Has a sexy ass Camaro that you'll hear before you see, and loves to make pretty young ladies wash it:) Makes women giggle and smile non stop when they're around him. Has the perfect balance of smart-ass and gentleman. Pretty much the coolest one in the house. Also a genius in the ideas department. Works hard, plays hard, and the best cuddler around.
Stage 5 stalker: Was that Dustin's car? Tallypeppercorn: No way! It's dirty.
by tallypeppercorn August 22, 2014
A guy with an abnormally thick penis and small balls. Usually located in knoxville. tend to be really good at hunting. known to cunt punt individuals who mock him and his abilities.
Dude, he is such a dustin.

I want to be a Dustin.
by LoganDRussell12321 October 09, 2011
A guy that likes to joke, sometimes naughty, but most of the time cool. He may be nice at drawing.
That guy Dustin is so cool.
by coolquack7 November 09, 2014
Literally the best thing that could ever happened to you. He's a cute, funny, charming, inappropriate, deep, beautiful soul that you couldn't ever imagine life without. He is the kind of person that you always dreamed you would meet, but never thought it could actually happen. And even though he has the same name as the brother in Zoey 101, he's a lot cuter.
I wish I could marry a Dustin, he's the ultimate bae.
by projectzee June 06, 2015
A Dustin is such an amazing word! A Dustin is sweet, kind, and very attentive. He doesn't like to share, but if he can't share he won't get any candy! It's nice to spoil your babies, but just know that it spoils the adult as well. No one likes a hissy fit. (Believe me, I know I was spoiled too but I still share just not with the entire world! Gross)
"Dustin wants all the candy for himself." "Dustin wants all the colors, but knows that it's all in my head. I'm sorry for being a pretty big deal! I'm not sending you a catfish and I'm pretty swamped with my own clan, but I still love you because you're a fighter and I know I have to be honest with you but you don't want to be honest with me.
by alainnarach2.0 April 03, 2015
An ignorant fuckboy. Probably white
Wow, look at that guy over there? Hes such a Dustin.
by JimiJohn666 July 28, 2015

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