Obviously YES
Jenny: Don't you think Johnny Depp is HOT?
Denise: Uh, DURR!!
by taylora91 November 28, 2009
Beyond being a full blown re-re.
You hear this guy?
Don't listen to this idiot, he's a fuckin' durr.
by ShadowRave June 28, 2009
The Act of being messed up. To do a stupid thing or action. Clueless and wasted...
"We went to the party, and everybody there was like durr..."
by C-UNIT June 11, 2005

of or relating to surprise defecation.
Did you see that guy Durr last night in his pants?
Yeah, he durred a whole pantload!
He must really suck at Castle Crashers.
by The Corn Boss October 21, 2010
adj, n.

A derogatory term used to describe a man who exhibits excessive body fat and is easily disgruntled when scenarios are not favorable to him.

Most "durrs" typically live in rural settings, drive a four wheel drive pick up truck and partake in the consumption of beer on the porch after a long day of yelling at his wife. "Durrs" are also commonly supportive of the secession of the southern states, (namely the confederacy) and second amendment rights.

"Durrs" often slur their speech by replacing vowels with a distinctive "ûr" sound. Let us briefly analyze a sentence in "Durr dialect", the sentence: "God damn it Dale! Bring me a beer they're in the truck!" would be spoken by a "Durr" as: "Gûrd dûrmit dûrl! Bûrng mûr û Bûr thûr ûrn thûr tûrk!"
- "Hey man, yesterday i went to the county fair"
- "How was it? See any durrs?"
- "Totally man! It was a huge durr fest!"
by ScrippleD December 25, 2009
A term used to described somethings incredible awesomeness. Synonymous to phrases like "cool" or "sick".

Originated from the phrase "dirty" (meaning cool).
1) Wow, Joe's new Nikes are so durr!
2) That girl's booty is so durr I almost creamed my jeans!
by MR. PR3Z August 24, 2009
A word used on North Shore Staten Island aka Grime City for penis.
Nikkas be on mah durr all day fam!
by thasyckness January 17, 2008
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