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the act of being a dirty homeless mofo, on your couchdrummer
I got kicked out of my house man, you mind if I durf it up at your pad?
by Dr. Donkeylipps March 08, 2005
Piece of skin under ass
Could you please go anal, I do not want to pierce my durf.
by Mike January 12, 2004
a bent wiener.
the fat chick gave me a durf.
by nathan November 10, 2003
Mystic savior of Mudpit. When he was born, half the fifes exploded, signifying his incredible gift. Alive during the Middle Ages, he was the only person who could harness the fifes. Oh ya, he went insane and killed everyone. He started with France. But not French Canada. Cuz that's where my dads family is from. See also: fife
Thank goodness Durf is here to stop the fifes... Holy shit he's the one controlling them!
by Eric Dion September 16, 2003
When someone expects to fart, but accidentally shits their pants instead.
Kyler accidentally durfed his new jean shorts.
by Yerac January 22, 2007
1. An interjection of a disappointed nature

2. In terrible condition
1. Durf, they don't have the right CD.
2. That couch is incredibly durf-ed up.
by D-Mage 05 January 01, 2005
Falling on ones ass
That dumbass durfed!
by Anonymous April 16, 2003