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The act, most commenly used by mormon girls, of dry humping through clothes. Often accompanied by blue balls on the part of the guy and a guilty concience in the part of the girl.
We were durfing so hard on her counter I thought my dick might break.
by Durfing April 12, 2010
The act of being very hungover. You wake up and know that you need water but you feel that if you drink any you will get the hot spits. Durfing often leads to becoming hungry towards the end of the durf day. When you order food, you cant actually eat it because you will vomit. If you get very drunk the night before the durf, it is not terribly uncommon to have a 2 day durf.
OMG dude i am durfing so hard today... I should not have had that second half gallon last night. How is your durf?
by bentl1jb January 08, 2011
Simply put: surfing in a ditch. Usually (unless you live somewhere extremely steep) involves a tow-vehicle. And bailing and getting muddy. Often preceded by the ingestion of copious quantities of alcohol by the towee (not the tower of course)
The rippy started the day by durfing in the neighbour's ditch.
by scaresothers February 22, 2012
The ability to surf the internet DURING work hours without getting fired. (during + surfing = durfing)
Ludek's great ability at durfing made him look like he was busy.
by Rovertaasfa May 14, 2008
V. The act of combining the activity of taking a dump and surfing the internet simutaneously, most commonly by using a wireless connection.
dude i poped a huge bloodwood while durfing the nizzet
by tron July 29, 2004
The act of masturbating while in a headstand position against a wall. The art is in the ability to gracefully avoid semen at time of ejaculation. Common sport in Oregon.
Austin Little is an olympic-level competitor in durfing.
by Oz416 September 20, 2009
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