An expression used to describe someone who is bloody simple and slow-witted.
Tarquin: Oh, scrivens! I have just spent 20 pounds on this 10 pound note.

Algernon: You fucking dur.
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 26, 2006
Top Definition
1)A replacement of "no shit" or "duh"

2)An expression showing that something someone said is obvious
Liz: Katy definitly likes Brad.
Jamie: Well, dur! She sent him 3 love letters!

Jackie: What's the capital of Wyoming?
Doug: Jackie, we just learned that in class today. You can figure it out.
Jackie: Uhm...Cheyenne?
Doug: Dur.
by Kate June 22, 2004
1. A form of the commonly used word, "duh".
2. A common response to an obvious statement
from the movie "Saving Silverman"

Jack Black: "Judith's getting away!"
His friend: "Dur!"
by Matt September 23, 2004
DURS used sexting(like phone sex for texting) which means "Damn U R Sexy"
Text1: DURS shorty
text1 reply: I know I am boo
by Ninja assassin December 18, 2009
the response to a extremely stupid statement.dur goes without saying.
ryan,i just shot myself!!!
by charlie no pants May 14, 2005
A)An insult used to show stupidity

B)Someone that shows you how much more stupid people really are, than what you thought they were.

C)Another way of calling someone a dumb shit or saying no shit.
Mom: Bush is recruiting more soldiers for the war

Darci(Me): What a dur...
by Darci April 22, 2007
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