the place where all the cops hang out.
Cracka was so stupid he tried to rob a Dunkin' Donuts. Second he pulled his gat out 5 cops shot his ass. Now he got no legs and he's doing 5-10 up north.
by Nick D April 04, 2003
Top Definition
Everyone's favorite donut -- um, I mean, coffee shop. It first opened in Quincy MA (that's pronounced "Kwinzee") and has now propagated all over the world even to Thailand, where the largest Dunkies ever supposedly seats about 130 people.

This is the only place where a "regular" coffee means with cream and sugar. Also it's the only place to buy some "munchkins", small balls of donut "hole" that you can eat in one bite. (Yes, it's amazing something that sounds this gross was such a big hit.)

This fabulous establishment is loved by everyone: Cops, college students, CEOs, punks, soccer moms, sistas, ABCs, WASPs, your momma, and whoever else walks in the door.
The Dunkin Donuts on my street had a line out the door this morning, so I went to the one two blocks down instead.
by creaternity April 20, 2006
Where cops hangout and eat donuts
Wow look at the cop is at dunkin' donuts again
by Mike April 20, 2004
the high class breakfast establishment that can be found on any and every street corner in massachusetts. if the one on your block happens to be open 24 hours, it's probably where all the high school kids go around midnight to detox before heading home. the butternut donuts are wicked good, but the breakfast sandwiches are a little sketchy, especially when they're on croissants.
dunkin donuts is greater than krispy kreme.
by whatup May 14, 2006
The most abundant eatery in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts is home to many 'Dunkin' Donuts' and 'McDonalds'.
by Diggity Monkeez January 30, 2005
A unit of distance measurement in certain areas of New England and especially in Greater Boston.
The nearest Krispy Kreme? Its not a far drive, only about 4 Dunkin' Donuts away.

by ChallicSymbol May 06, 2007
Another way to say that a girl has giants boobs.
The First letters form DD
or Double D's
Sam Got sum dunkin donuts
by Me llamo Jonas June 17, 2008
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