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Extremely crowded; very busy; at full capacity
"Dude, the Emerald Club was dumped Friday night !"
by Big Poppa South June 20, 2009
37 52
where one partner ends the relationship when the other still wanted to stay together.
mike dumped me last night, im gutted
by pattypoopy January 23, 2006
446 44
When an individual decides to end their relationship with their partner
Man:yo bitch, ur dumped
Woman: u cant say tht 2 me homie

*bitch fight*
by Ellee-xx February 10, 2008
145 71
To shoot off rounds from your gun
Them niggaz tried me so I dumped on them niggaz.
by Travis April 21, 2005
50 61
dump, dumped: a vehicle that is lowered to where it would be too crazy. this term originated from the norcal.
I seen this 180 that dumped to hell.
I'm gonna dump my shit tonight.
by DaNgxXAXxLaNg April 29, 2004
73 88
Vehicle with extreme lowering.
"Damn, your car is DUMPED!
by Jay June 02, 2004
33 49
Lowered - as in car.
Man, you shoulda seen this Supra, full dumped on its arse!
by sideways April 28, 2004
44 65