Popular Bay Area dance, involving laying on the floor and shaking as if one was having seizure.
Merck: "Yo swell, he do the dummy retarted.
PJ: "100, Maine".
by Kendall Mays August 27, 2006
To beat the living crap out of someone, as if they were a dummy or a doll.
Yo man, that guy is a punk, I'd dummy him for sure!
by Ives905 June 26, 2007
dummy can be used in numerous ways... as a noun and as a verb, it is best defined by an example:
"Wow did u see the dummies on that dummy?" " Fuck Ya id dummy the hell outta her dummy hole"
by doctorO March 13, 2009
First Off It's A BAY AREA Term....Over Sized Glasses...A Must To Wear When It's Time To Get HYPHY
Oh Dat Boy Got His Dummies On
by Nina D.B.I. Girl July 21, 2006
Another way of saying the word "Stud-Muffin"

Especially when referring to Ryan Butterworth
Ryan is a real dummy, and by dummy i mean a tasty Stud-muffin
by Not Ryan i swear October 07, 2008
A girl that sucks hella dick and she is known for doing it or a person who will fall for the dumass line such as i love you so someone can fuck
that dummy over there suck my dick last night
by brebre21 October 14, 2007
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