Popular Bay Area dance, involving laying on the floor and shaking as if one was having seizure.
Merck: "Yo swell, he do the dummy retarted.
PJ: "100, Maine".
by Kendall Mays August 27, 2006
To beat the living crap out of someone, as if they were a dummy or a doll.
Yo man, that guy is a punk, I'd dummy him for sure!
by Ives905 June 26, 2007
dummy can be used in numerous ways... as a noun and as a verb, it is best defined by an example:
"Wow did u see the dummies on that dummy?" " Fuck Ya id dummy the hell outta her dummy hole"
by doctorO March 13, 2009
The way morons type the word dumbie.
Justin "You're a dummy."
Behany "dumbie*"
by applestar3 April 06, 2011
First Off It's A BAY AREA Term....Over Sized Glasses...A Must To Wear When It's Time To Get HYPHY
Oh Dat Boy Got His Dummies On
by Nina D.B.I. Girl July 21, 2006
A girl that sucks hella dick and she is known for doing it or a person who will fall for the dumass line such as i love you so someone can fuck
that dummy over there suck my dick last night
by brebre21 October 14, 2007
Another way of saying the word "Stud-Muffin"

Especially when referring to Ryan Butterworth
Ryan is a real dummy, and by dummy i mean a tasty Stud-muffin
by Not Ryan i swear October 07, 2008

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