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(v.) term used by friends and supporters of stupid jibteks from Toronto whenever said warriors end up in prison for doing the stupidest shit imaginable. Instances of useless methheads "going to the bin" over and over for the same thing are so common that local prisons are considering installing revolving doors just for the tweakers. "Free up" is usually posted excessively on facebook, in statuses and on the jibtek's page while waiting for them to get out, just to go back again.
Friend 1: "Yo man Dwizzy's in the bin for trying to stab an old lady in the jugular with a plastic fork when he was trying to steal her coin purse!"

Friend 2: "What the fuck?! But my boy Dwizzy is such a great guy and contributes so much to society! FREE UP!"


Dwizzy: "Yo man I got out finally but I'm goin' back to the Don in two days man sorry"

Friend: "Oh no, what now?! Those fucking police man, always putting innocent people in the bin!"

Dwizzy: "Tell me about it man I only broke into 3 cars and hardly took much"

Friend: "Wow what assholes! Why are they trying to get in the way of your innocent and productive lifestyle? Come on man, FREE UP!"
by 416troll April 29, 2011
(V.) Dummy

As a verb, to consume a large or excessive quantity of an illicit or controlled substance exremely quickly with the purpose being to get rid of it as fast as possible.
Friend 1: "Dude, Joe looks fucked. What the hell did he do?"
Friend 2: "Bro, cops were banging on the door so he freaked out and dummied an eight ball on the spot so he wouldn't be caught holding."

Sarah: "Kate is a retard, she puked all over the security guard after dummying a mickey of whiskey before we tried to get into the club."

Friend 1: "Guys, Sean the Mooch is coming over, wanna dummy this blow so he can't beg for shit?"
Friend 2: "I'm down, just have a medic on standby in case someone has a heart attack."
by 416troll January 24, 2012

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