a hoe or slut, can be used for both males and females (used mostly in baltimore)
person 1 - you no shantel a dummy right?
person 2 - yea i been new that
#hoe #slut #dummy #lemon #lemonhead
by djrocko April 12, 2011
Usually a baltimore - or maybe any where in maryland - girl that will never pass up head or any form of sex and dont get paid for it. If they do:; thats another story. usually ranges from 13-18. but cant start early as 10 years old.
Mannnn, tell me why this girl ask me for my number came over and straight gave me head AND my other 7 friends that was over there. no fee. now THAT'S the definition of a true DUMMY!!
#head #slave #whore #hoe #prostitute
by sugamoma1271 January 05, 2011
1. Those who spend their hard earned money on small quantities of drugs, over and over again.
2. Everyday drug addicts

3. The people who keep your pockets filled with 50s and 100s.

4. Customers
The type of person who buys two grams and says that they're, "trying to take it easy tonight." Than calls again at 3:30 a.m. and asks for another gram. Then your forced to say, "See! Why didn't you just get a ball?!!!"

"Fuckin dummies! Jesus christo!" Then your girl gets pissy cuz you woke her up and have to run down the street at 4am. But daddys gotta get that cash. M.O.B.
#addicts #dopeheads #feinds #junkies #customers
by Dr. Todd Reezee February 03, 2009
a rubber teat with a plastic disc and ring to comfort a baby (Pacifier in the U.S)
the baby is crying, give it a dummy
#pacifier #soother #binky #teat #baby
by Blonkoid malonkoid September 12, 2008
UK railway slang for either a shunting signal or a subsidary signal.
Term is frowned upon within modern safety critical communications. Example being - shunter to driver "the signalman will give you the dummy in a minute" meaning the signal man will clear signal no. (XYZ) in a minute thus allowing the train to proceed.
#dummy #dolly #shunt #signal #board
by Clansman April 22, 2009
clip full of bullets
"clip full of dummies like a seatbelt crash test" - Papoose
#bullets #ammo #shells #dummies #clip
by Pap fan October 19, 2007
(V.) Dummy

As a verb, to consume a large or excessive quantity of an illicit or controlled substance exremely quickly with the purpose being to get rid of it as fast as possible.
Friend 1: "Dude, Joe looks fucked. What the hell did he do?"
Friend 2: "Bro, cops were banging on the door so he freaked out and dummied an eight ball on the spot so he wouldn't be caught holding."

Sarah: "Kate is a retard, she puked all over the security guard after dummying a mickey of whiskey before we tried to get into the club."

Friend 1: "Guys, Sean the Mooch is coming over, wanna dummy this blow so he can't beg for shit?"
Friend 2: "I'm down, just have a medic on standby in case someone has a heart attack."
#kill #finish #coke #booze #drink
by 416troll January 24, 2012
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