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To consume or destroy the object in front of you.
I really dummied that bottle of absinthe.

He checked me into the boards. So, in return, I dummied the shit out of his face.
by Nigel Pisspants December 08, 2007
- To generally get fucked up in some way. Most commonly by means of alcohol/drugs, severe beating, getting knocked out, injury, or harcore-sex.
"I got so hammered last night, man. I was fuckin' dummied!"

"Billy was talkin' shit so I straight dummied the faggot!"

Guy 1: "Do you know Anna?
Guy 2: "Yeah man. She's pretty hot"
Guy 1: "Yeah, I dummied her man. Totally dummied her ass. She must be hurtin'!"
by kielkyoki December 23, 2007
To beat/completely annihilate someone in a form of competitive event so badly that it was like you were facing a non-living mannequin.aka. a Dummy.
"We dummied those guys in football last week"

"I know he thought he was tough, but I completely dummied him"
by j1mm3h May 08, 2009
The state of being overly intoxicated.
I'ma just get DUMMIED tonight.
by imdummiedrightnow November 15, 2007

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