A boy or man who ties their long pubes with a hair tie.

2) "Wow Greg is such a dumbledore!"
"I know, you can tell because it's sticking out."

3) That guy dumbledore from harry potter has a forrest down there
by NEZBETZ November 26, 2010
A dumbledore is a small portion of poop trapped within folds of the exterior of the anus.

A dumbledore are commonly confused with a dingleberry, which consist of poop attached to anal hairs. Dumbledores are far less dangerous to undergarments than dingleberries, but still poses some risk, and are far more difficult to remove. In fact, the vast majority of toilet paper is consumed removing dumbledores.
Jimmy had no trouble pulling guys at the club, but he never whipped his ass properly, so guys usually got annoyed with getting dumbledores all over their dicks or tongue, and dumped him pretty fast.
by Jimmy teh Gay September 01, 2009
The "Gay" Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Recently came out of the closet at a press conference held by J.K. Rowling. Rowling hinted at this notion by saying Dumbledore had a man crush on Gellert Grindelwald. Grindelwald met his demise at the hands of his gay lover, Dumbledore.
You know how I know you're Dumbledore?
- You listen to Coldplay!

Mommy I saw Daddy kissing another man, does that mean he's Dumbledore?

That mesh shirt you're wearing right now makes you look super Dumbledore.

Dude look at that gay male cheerleader. "You're queer Mr. Cheerleader Man you." "Come on now, thats potically incorrect, he's Dumbledore!"
by Fuckin' Queers October 22, 2007
when a man cums in a girls hair and on the chin so it drips down her chest. then he sprinkles some trimmed pubes on the cum to make it look like a beard.

optional: scream harry potter phrases like "give it here malfoy"
or "expecto-petronis!"
My boyfriend gave me a classic dumbledore last night. When I went to work the next morning I still had some pubes on my chin. It was so hot.
by delexali July 22, 2009
The greatest wizard of all time in the Harry Potter series, and he happens to be gay as Rowling currently released.
Wow Tanya, I didn't think that Dumbledore would be gay, maybe that's why his wand has been quite smelly!
by Laurel P. October 20, 2007
After titty fucking your bitch, you cum on their chin. The skeet skeet beard makes him/her look similar to the "headmaster" of hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore.

Also commonly referred to as:

The Gandalf.
The Santa Clause.
Or my personal favorite: giving someone a "my grandpa."
After I gave my girlfriend a Dumbledore, I felt the need to slap her in the face with my wand.

The bitch gave me Snape. She deserved it.
by [m@] August 27, 2006
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