After titty fucking your bitch, you cum on their chin. The skeet skeet beard makes him/her look similar to the "headmaster" of hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore.

Also commonly referred to as:

The Gandalf.
The Santa Clause.
Or my personal favorite: giving someone a "my grandpa."
After I gave my girlfriend a Dumbledore, I felt the need to slap her in the face with my wand.

The bitch gave me Snape. She deserved it.
by [m@] August 26, 2006
1.) A homosexual. A person of homosexual orientation. Usually used in a derogatory manner to describe someone acting like a homosexual.

2.) A complete disappointment.
1.) You're completely flaming. You're such a dumbledore.

Jarin: The entire Hairy Potter series has turned into one big dumbledore since J.K. Rowling anounced that the charecter Dumbledore was gay.

Robbie: Ya, idk whether to pretend that the series doesn't exist, or to pretend Dumbledore isn't completely queer. Rowling is such a dumbledore bitch.
by Robbie T. November 13, 2007
A gay wizard who everyone thinks it's the best, but he isn't. The Dark Lord is the best
Dumbledore:I love Grindelwald and Voldemort can beat me anytime of the week
by LordOfSomewhere January 01, 2008
Someone who is or acts gay. Usually likes to take it in the ass.
"Why is Geoff so dumbledore? He keeps talking about playing grab ass with Bob.
by Kryptintie October 24, 2007
as an adjective: of, pertaining to, exhitibiting homosexuality;
as a noun: a homosexual person
adjective: Guys figure skating?!? That's so dumbledore.
noun: Did you see that?!? Dennis made out with a dude. I think he's a dumbledore.
by drunkenpetes October 25, 2007
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