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Quality of being a dumbass.
Mac users
by Nixon February 10, 2004
38 12
A non communicable disease that tends to affect young adults but may be noticed in older individuals who continue to be carriers for many years to come.
It was out of sheer dumbassness that he opted to get drunk and get into an arguement with a cop...
by nachomama February 17, 2012
12 -1
A holiday to relax and skip work to get away from all the dumbasses INCLUDING YOURSELF
Aj: I got to get away from all these dumbasses

Chance: well December 2nd is Dumbassness
by Joetamili November 13, 2009
3 12
The quality of not knowing that it should be dumbassedness.
PC user.
by Woodrow February 10, 2004
10 20