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Actions of a dumb ass nature.
Ian's dumbassity of swearing around the teachers got us all screwed.
by hbfir December 22, 2005
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The audacity of the dumbass.
my boyfriend not only read my diary, he had the dumb-assity to complain that I didn't mention him more often!
by fixit fox May 20, 2009
The act of being a dumbass.
The dumbassity of the shopkeep was overwhelming.
by Lynn January 02, 2005
(Noun) Extreme stupidity and failure to grasp logic or also the exhibition such stupidity. Something one would expect from a dumbass.
"After a certain age, it would be fair to consider inability to tell time dumbassity."

"The only explanation for such property damage is dumbassity of all involved"
by Costa January 03, 2005
When a person is being stupid you might refer to their stupidity. When a person is being an idot you might refer to their idocracy. When a person is just being a DUMB ASS you can now refer to their "dumbassity."
My boss wants me to come in early to work without getting paid. I am thinking that he has a severe case of dumbassity.
by daddybowie April 21, 2009
the tenacious predisposition toward being a dumb ass. an alarmingly noticeable character trait in the lives of those whose general existence tends to disprove the theory "survival of the fittest."
The CFO of our company added the number 29 and 30 and came up with a solution of 64; his general dumbassity is astounding.
by sandeebean96 February 13, 2008
The level of dumbassness for a particular event or period of time.
Today, dumbassity levels were through the roof.
by southernpride_rj September 17, 2006

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