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One displaying aggromania, or just pulls way too much aggro, USUALLY unintentionally.
OMG, this lowbie wanted a run through SM. What an aggromaniac.
by southernpride_rj October 17, 2006
The level of dumbassness for a particular event or period of time.
Today, dumbassity levels were through the roof.
by southernpride_rj September 17, 2006
The state of exaggerated desire or enthusism for drawing aggro; or, the state of a newbie/lowbie drawing to much aggro unintentionally.
(Orc): d00d, this noob has craze aggromania
(Tauren): seriously
(Noob Guy): sry guys, I'm new at this
by southernpride_rj October 17, 2006

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