A sensational, scrumptious, pretty, big girl with huge boobs - a kind of ultra heavy bombshell. Sometimes/Often/Always (choose for yourself) such girls were a bit booby/dumb, so that the word dum-dum the silliness sounds too.
Matt, you know, Shirley is a dum-dum - she'll flatiron you, man, Hank said.
What a manner of death, Matt whispered enthusiastic, keeping his eyes glued to Shirley.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
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A term for a wide range of soft ammunition banned either at Geneva or at Hague.
Soft ammunition is considered inhumane because it expands on impact causing horrific wounds. Non-fatal injuries caused by soft ammunition are often untreatable and the victim either dies from infection or from internal bleeding.
If the cops catch you with those Dum Dums, you goin streight to jail.
by Joodas August 12, 2004
1) A cute way of calling someone Dumb.
2) A person who's sometime marked by extreme irrationality and superfluous illogicality.
3) A cute way of addressing your loved one.
Dum-Dum, you are Very Dumb!
by lollu November 27, 2009
A pet name for someone who is stupid
Billy: 'what's that?'
Jenny: 'That's a cucumber you dumdum'
by a right jammy dodger September 03, 2007
1. A dumdum is a stupid person, as described above.

2. A dumdum is also an OLD name brand of a sucker in America.
1. That guy sure is a dumdum. *eyeroll*

2. My favorite kind of sucker is a dumdum.
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
A name for someone who is exceedingly dumb, hence the term dum dum

its a cute and condescending name for a dumb person

Terry: you spelt dumb wrong

Rob:Terry.......you missed the point you're such a god dam dum dum
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
a more brilliant way of saying that something is dumb-ish or someone is. dum-dum is "dumb" only that the b-sound is depleted and the new formed word is repeated twice to accent the state of being.
Omigosh! Here comes the dum-dum of the century!
by chinoreyes November 16, 2007
The only free public golf course in the United States. Located in Sharon, Pennslyvania, Buhl Farm Golf Course, otherwise known as "dum dums" by the locals, is a nine hole, par 34 course with slow, rolling greens and very narrow fiarways. The signature hole is the seventh hole, a 330 yard dogleg-right par 4 lined by trees on both sides with a small creek running right through the landing zone if you elect to hit driver. The course was donated by the great philanthropist Mr. Buhl, who wanted to build a course free to the public so kids could pick up the game of golf. There is a driving range on-site (which was donated by Arnold Palmer) and dum dums is also the home of The First Tee of Sharon.
"Hey Mikey, do you wanna go hit up the dum dums?"
"Sure! I'm running low on cash anyways!"
by deadeye dmo August 22, 2009

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