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A term for a wide range of soft ammunition banned either at Geneva or at Hague.
Soft ammunition is considered inhumane because it expands on impact causing horrific wounds. Non-fatal injuries caused by soft ammunition are often untreatable and the victim either dies from infection or from internal bleeding.
If the cops catch you with those Dum Dums, you goin streight to jail.
by Joodas August 12, 2004
A method of mutilation used by gangsters in the UK in the 1940's.
A knife was inserted into the victim's mouth then pushed to either side, this giving the victim the appearance of an ear to ear grin.
We found out he was grass so we cut him up smiley.

Jim was cut up smiley.

I'll cut you up smiley fo sho punk.
by Joodas August 10, 2004
To kick someone in the chin before they even know you're about to kick them at all.
He started chattin smack so I flashkicked the mofo.
by Joodas August 10, 2004

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