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the photos taken during a night of sin that "document" all of the less that glamourous moments. These may include random drunk dancing, any shirt malfunctions resulting in boob loss, dress mishaps ending with bare ass being visible to the public eye.
As your friend gives a random guy a lap dance snatch out a camera, click a picture and yell "documentation!
by jazziest July 14, 2010
a word used to describe a dude that tries to holla at you on a night out. Just like a nic nac(nonsense item, usually used for decoration) the boy is shiny(possibly due to gold teeth), with no real purpose, and should be put on a shelve.
These nic nacs were all over us last night, and then asked us to give them a ride home from the club because the bus had stopped running.
by jazziest July 14, 2010
an individual, usually a man, that you are involved with. He is usually not a boyfriend, yet he is more than a friend, sex is typicaly involved. Yet his intelligence is limited and rather than let everyone know you are banging an idiot you refer to him as"dum dum" in an effort to save face and protect his identity and your image. You do not call him dum dum to his face, you only use this term to describe him when speaking with your friends.
Jas: "What did you do last night?

Mia: "Dum dum cam over last night."

Jas: "Who?"

Mia: "Remember the guy I told you about, dum dum?"

Jas: "ohhh yeah."
by jazziest July 14, 2010

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