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1 The name of someone you care about,like a child or your man
2 a name a girl will call yah if you say sumthin she think is wrong
1 Hey boo-boo, i missed you!; Look at dat lil boo boo rite dea, she is so cute
2 Uh-uhhh boo boo you wrong fa dat one
by Mimi August 21, 2004
a female (usually) who is trying to steal a man from another woman.
That home wrecker stole my man!!
by mimi June 10, 2003
cut off all ties in a relationship
when you burn a bridge you can't cross it again. to burn a bridge means to be completely done with something.
your bridges were burned
and now it's your turn
to cry, cry me a river
by mimi December 16, 2004
The best band in the whole enitre world, feauturing awesome songs, great looking members and a cool CD cover. What more could you want?
Me: Look Mom it's OK GO on TV!
Mom: Who's on TV?
Me: OK GO!
Mom: Excuse me? I don't like that attitude...
Me: OK GO!
Me: OK GO!
by Mimi December 18, 2004
a beautiful and intelligent female

also, a thug princess
Damn, look at that Nazirah...she's hot
by Mimi March 14, 2005
A fat chick on the beach.
There's a seapig lying by the pier, checking out all the surfers.
by Mimi September 21, 2003
a phase introduced by Downtown Julie Brown on MTV in the late 80's when she mistakenly read a girl's shirt instead of a cue card on live television.
by Mimi June 29, 2003
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