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DUGGAN (vb., tr.): 1 To demand deferential treatment from others because one is a rich hypocrite. 2 To selfishly send troublesome adopted children away to the other side of the world to be looked after by Scientologists.
1. I'm going to pull a duggan and get google to deindex that article.
2. If you don't mow that lawn, I'm gonna duggan you.
by natleficent June 16, 2015
any action, object, thought, or description
1. Man that piece of cake was most duggan!

2. Not to flatter you sir, but your duggan is showing.

3. Don't duggan this up for me!

4. Last night I dugganed for at least 8 hours, she was tired but I was still totally duggan.
by Pntslngr October 29, 2007
Dem white or caucasion folks
Them duggans ova there took my sh*t!
by Cristobal Martin April 19, 2005
A person who is always bitching behind your back, back stabbing or anything alike slyness. It can also be used as a word for ditching or following someone when they are unwanted.
"Lucian man your such a duggan."

"dude don't duggan it."

"he totally dugganed me."
by Drunken Bridge September 08, 2013
A dump. Equal to dropping a duce. Or take a crap.
Man I went home and dropped a massive duggan.
by MotherUcker April 18, 2009
Duggan; synonymous with the slang word 'douche.' It also stands for an individual who views him self not as a douche, but as a nice guy. However, everyone else is well aware of his douchery.
by BlmeMapleLeafLand November 19, 2010

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