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Anti folk emissaries, microgiants of the New York squatter trash art variety. Super heroes of anarcho-filth and no stupenagles fur shoere dufus ys making batter music than you or at the momant thenks...yep
Breathe out, breathe out, breathe in...Dufus!
by joeneckbone October 07, 2006
dummy, fool, idiot
That boy ain't right. Buy him books but he's still a dufus.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
the wrong way spelling "doofus"
"You are a dufus"

"Actually, it's 'doofus', you doofus"
by atmofunk August 06, 2006
A kindly way of saying that one is stupid. Certainly much nicer than calling someone a fuckwit, anyway.
"You dufus! Click the Print button if you wanna print, not the Close button!"
by Mr Ben February 10, 2005
short for dumb fuck, a person that messes up all the time
"You are such a dufu, can't you do anything right?"
by ldml April 04, 2008
when a dude butt fucks another dude
Jon Dudfued Larry lastnight
by shanksta March 26, 2005
butt fucked by a dude
Jon bufued Larry lastnight
by shanksta March 16, 2005
Plural for of dufu meanig "dumb fuck"
What a bunch of dufus
by Robbie-Oh February 05, 2012