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A term used to describe a female cockblocker. The bitch doing the cockblocking (8) makes sure that you (6) do not complete your 69 with the girl you wanna fuck (9) and also makes a point (.) that you are an asshole for even trying to have sex with her. Best used for covert name calling of said bitch.

Note: Generally the 98.6 will not have breasts worth describing as an 8.
That 98.6 is such a whore for not letting me get with Allison.
by TheJury1 April 10, 2010
98.6 is the average normal temperature for a human . Therefore, when one responds with "98.6" it means they are healthy and well, though not necessarily "Great."
Fred: How you doing Bobo?

Bobo: "98.6 bruh, 98.6"
by SpecialBK December 16, 2015
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