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"Everyone has a DUFF"
Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Call up your DUFF...we can get her/him to drive
by xsiennax March 10, 2008
6 7
Designated Ugly Fat Friend not to be confused with the fuckin amazing duff mckagan. This person often makes you feel better about yourself when your around them...they make you look good
my friend lindsay is a duff when we go out
by slashsbabe_420 May 25, 2007
10 11
Verb; meaning to punch or hit.
"Shut up right now, or I'll duff you!"
by AndreaMK December 02, 2006
8 9
1. Decaying organic matter at the bottom of a forest.

2. A slang term for buttocks.

3. The less attractive companion of an attractive woman that threatens to cockblock any man who wishes to chat up and / or flirt with said beauty; stands for "Designated Ugly / Fat Friend."
I almost got her number, but her duff pulled her to the dancefloor.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
0 2
A polite way of saying "Gay". Named after the Hillary Duff Commercial in which she states that saying "Gay" is wrong.
You look so Duff when you dance.

Crocs are really Duff.
by dramageeek September 15, 2009
1 3
Verb; To smoke marijuana. To smoke weed. Term mostly used in Queens, NY. Originated by the Smart Crew. Sometimes, other constantans substitute the first letter of the word such as "buff, muff, fluff, huff, wuff, etc..."

Noun; Marijuana, weed, etc...
Where's Warren? He's duffing in the basement.

Anyone got some duff I can buy off them or throw down on?

GR only duffs that pure premium.
by serious faces May 19, 2009
2 4
For ones pancreous to explode or nearly do so. Duffing is extremely painful and will require immediate medical attention to avoid a mild case of death.
1. Oh my god! I think my pancreas is duffing!

2. Man, you better slow down on the drinking, you don't want your pancreas to duff..
by ailsaizzy March 14, 2009
1 3