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Hey duder pass me the studer duder.
by jeJunejestic August 13, 2008
Duder is a word of many possibilites. It can be used as a replacement for dude. It can also be used to mean someone is more dude-like than someone else (as in dude, duder, dudest.) It has also been known to be used to describe objects for which the name has been temporarily forgotten, or otherwise unknown to the user of the word. Still yet another usage is a verb which means the act of being a dude or doing dudely things.
Hey duder, come over to my house.

Steve is duder than I am, but surely not the dudest guy in the room.

Beth need help to figure out how to opperate this new duder she got.

I think I'm going to go put on my sunglasses and duder around town.
by cool4dude May 01, 2005
Derivative of "Dude"
Sure thing, duder
by Dork457 July 20, 2003
Synonymous to "duder", which is basically synonymous to "dude". It's not plural, it's singular. It's often used in a sarcastic mocking sense.
"Does anyone here have the new White Stripes album?"
"ur ratio is only .4 dont request fag"
"Yeah thanks duders."
by Pam Jam May 25, 2005
Similar in use to dude with origins in the southwest united states.
How's it going duder!
by William Robison May 04, 2007
Duder: A friend or buddy; One who you are fond of; a crony

syn: friend, buddy, pal, homie, crony, nigga, dawg.
ant: enemy, foe, opponent, opposition

you: "hey whats up joe?"
Joe: "whats up Duder?"
by locallurker June 25, 2008
the dude of the group, the main man
the duder has arrived, let us bow at his greatness
by Robert Becker March 01, 2008
usually used when describing a male, a new pronoun that can be a subject, direct object or indirect object - may also be used for females and pretty much anything as long as the meaning is described in context
Yo duder, what's up? I'm heading down to the board shop to get this little duder fixed. I smashed up the nose on a mean duder. Tranlation: Yo man, what's up? I'm heading down to the board shop to get my board fixed. I smashed up the nose on a big wave.
by Duncan Jones September 13, 2007