When a girl is giving a guy head (or guy going down on a girl) and the guy guides the girl's head up and down his dick by sticking his pointer and middle fingers in her nose like a bowling ball. This is in reference to "the dude" from The Big Lebowski. Afterwords, the girl cooks the guy pancakes.
Sally was sucking dick at sucking dick so I took control and gave her a duder. Then that bitch made me some pancakes.
#dude #the dude #the duder #bowling #the big lebowski #pancakes
by Bobby Budnick July 25, 2011
n. 30-something guy, young professional, wearing diagonally/vertically striped button-down (slightly wrinkled), looking to score beyond his station with aims at 20-something girls. Hair product content=high, intellectual capacity=low.
With hair that is perfectly styled but looks slightly mussed and jeans that appear old and rumpled, but are actually brand new and over-priced, the duder walked into the bar that he had read was uberhip hoping to score.
#jerk #player #mack #douche #dude
by librarywoman November 26, 2006
To order or request to undertake a particular activity or work; summon

Alt. Definition; To express scorn or derision by or as if by placing the thumb on the nose and wiggling the fingers.
1. Duder? Duuuuuuuuuuder? Duder!!!

2. Duder...That dude just gave you the duder...duder.
by The Snainmaster May 21, 2004
Noun. Virtually ANYTHING.
Hey, hand me the duder.

Where's the duder?

JFK's involvement in the Bay of Pigs eventually caused the ultimate destruction of the duder.
by Sextus January 08, 2004
A male who enjoys engaging in common douchbaggery. Traits include fagotry, ruining most social occasions, and referring to beers as "brewskies".
"Did you see those fucking duders playing cornhole? Go fetch papa his 9."
#dude #beefcake #grabdick #loser #max
by ousurge November 24, 2006
anyone who partakes in a dumbass activity or is considered theirselfs a complete dumbass.
Look at that duder with his gay mullet
by jake April 28, 2004
Someone who makes up things or makes outlandish claims.
John said he slept with that hot chick, what a duder.
by Rios September 03, 2003
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