Wall street professional type or financial restructuring attorney whose laid back personality and zen-like patrick swayze in point break demeanor is in stark contrast to the gordon geckos around him. A "fish out of water" often with a bunblefuck origin (e.g. Kansas).
Can you believe that duder sang "why don't we get drunk and screw" at a partner's house.
usually used when describing a male, a new pronoun that can be a subject, direct object or indirect object - may also be used for females and pretty much anything as long as the meaning is described in context
Yo duder, what's up? I'm heading down to the board shop to get this little duder fixed. I smashed up the nose on a mean duder. Tranlation: Yo man, what's up? I'm heading down to the board shop to get my board fixed. I smashed up the nose on a big wave.
by Duncan Jones September 13, 2007
Plural of the word Dude, used to talk to or about two or more ppl
Those duders are mondo awsome.

You duders can kiss my ass.
by danny January 15, 2005
A male, a dude, particularly a dude whos name is unknown, according to Shawn.
Shawn: Look at that duder...he thinks he is cool in that ricer...
Ben: Yeah, ricers suck...look at that chick in the pick-em-up truck!
by knechel May 22, 2006

Hey duder pass me the studer duder.
by jeJunejestic August 13, 2008
Duder simply means a naked guy.
Generally used as an insult.
"Man, could that male be any nuder?"
"So....he's a duder?"
-highfives all around-
by loljkrofllmao January 12, 2011
Deleting someone from your friends circle in a social network.
That girl was a flake so I Duder'ed her.
by josepy July 07, 2010
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