that "hot chick" you were just checking out was actually a dude!
by audiodreg May 03, 2004
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Dood n.

Old West, circa 1870s term for east coast, tarted up yanks gone west, to either get dirty up to their arse or get killed, while pursuing some futile gold rush.
Where the fuck did the DUDE get killed?
At the fucking creek, where the DUDE went down on one hell of a mother fucking gold strike to fucking hell, the fucking cocksucker.
by Tristan December 21, 2004
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Some random guy: Dude...
Someone else: Quit calling me an ingrown hair in my ass.
by Razor... December 27, 2004
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word that a stoner/skater/surfer/prep say one thousand times a day.
Girl- Ohmygawd, dude, Jenny was so like crushin on him like ohmigawd dude whats up. uh get my gloss.

Stoner- dude.

Skater- (busts ass) duuuuuude.

Surfer- (drowns) du *gurgle* ude
by That freakin loser January 11, 2006
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1. A word used to describe another male See: man, bro
2. A word to describe emotion

I think only "white" people should be able to say "dude" just like only African Americans can say "the n word"
by rmunky September 11, 2004
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Dude! Come help us with this mulch.
by Mulch March 05, 2006
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1. a word that replaces pretty much anything (ex: cool, wow, he, she, it, hi, um, whoa, buddy)
2. a word used wen the other person is being so stupid there is nothing else to say
1. duuude!
2. dude...
by jaydee October 03, 2003
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