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A song by Weezer which is their first song on their first album.
weezer fan 1: What are some good songs?
weezer fan 2: My name is jonas is a great song. U should listen to it.
by edwild22 March 01, 2009
A dance where everyone on the floor (or off the floor) is grinding
Dude are you going to the dance? You should, because I heard its going to be a grindfest.
by edwild22 February 13, 2009
1. A grindfest

2. A formal dance that turns into a massive grindfest (or in extreme cases, it may turn into a massive orgy).
Dude u should go to the soiree tonight. Its gonna be a massive grindfest.
by edwild22 March 01, 2009
A Nissan Xterra that has been recently cleaned and holds numerous visual mods. It looks sexy.
Im gonna pull up at yo block with my sexterra.

Gangster: That Sexterra is fly, it owns up ur Cadillac
Wangster: Ur a doofus
Gangster: Ur mom is like a ceiling fan, turn her on and she blows everything in the room.
by edwild22 March 01, 2009
1. When someone experiences a "demanifestation", their johnson falls off from jelqing too much.

2. When an apparition or other type of spirit/ghost manifestation disappears.
1. Dawg, i need to buy a replacement penis. I had a demanifestation.

2. Holy shizzle dawg, that EVP was scary! i be glad that ghost don't come in my hood or i bust a cap in his ass, then i bust a cap in his moms ass. then i put my woody in her ass.
by edwild22 April 14, 2009
A law similar to Murphy's Law that states: "90% of everything is crap".
Dawg how about eating a taco?

Naw shizzle. I dont eat random crap because of Sturgeon's revelation. Its probably crap.

Whatev homey. (eats it). SICK! THIS TASTES LIKE DIARRHEA!
by edwild22 March 02, 2009
1. A common term used to refer to other people, particularly males

2. An infected hair on an elephant's butt

3. A person who cares excessively about his/her clothes

4. A bottlecap
Person 1:"What up dude?"
Person 2: "Um, excuse me, Im a girl"

Person 1: "The poor elephant has a dude on its butt, and you have to surgically remove it"
Person 2: "dammit"

Person 1: "I say, who's leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here"
Person 2: "That dude over there with the fancy clothes"

Person 1: "I found a dude on the ground, its the same size as your weiner"
Person 2: "Shut the fuck up"
by edwild22 February 28, 2010

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