The funniest insult i have had from a girl with the biggest nose ever and is a lot uglier than me.
"tbh love your a fucking duck'ed"
by ||Fembot. August 04, 2006
Top Definition
A textagram of fucked, used instead of adding 'fucked' to the 'my words' list. Now used irl instead of dropping the f-bomb
dude, i'm so ducked for that test tomorrow

(where profanity is frowned upon):
what the duck, man?

by gmoonit March 16, 2009
Ducked (v): The act of receiving fellatio whilst driving.

The individual providing fellatio must duck down during the act.
"Yo B! Did I see you rolling down the street staring at the sky?"

"Nah dawg, I was gettin' ducked by that hoochie Tanisha from 'round the way...she gives that good top, yo"
by Miraclewhipz October 03, 2011
A compulsive liar*'s story based on his inception of truth.

*Duck himself.
"Can't believe he Ducked me today."
by BDKMV June 09, 2014
When a guy is on break or has recently broken up with his girlfriend and tries find a replacement. The new girl will probably fall for him. Then he goes back to his old girlfriend leaving the other girl in the dust, or "ducking" her.
The "replacement" girl got Ducked.
Girl 1: So what ever happened to what's his name?
Girl 2: Oh he Ducked me, for real. He went back to his ex.
Girl 1: Oh girl that sucks. Lyin', Cheatin', huzzies always get the good ones.
by Andimeg August 31, 2007
When multiple people are defeated by one person, often by surprise (opposite of jumping).
You saw what happened when they all tried to run up on ma nigga? They got ducked. Jumped
by TheOwlKid July 13, 2016
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