the sweat in the "land of no return" between the sack and anus. have a towel? I have hella duckbutter
by TPC030 August 28, 2009
The Vile mixture that comes from a gay mans ass after he gets fucked by another guy. This is usually a mixture of Blood, Shit, and Cum. This mixture could sometimes have little extras in it as well depending upon how freaky the homo in question gets before and during sex.
" Dude Bob i knew you were a fag look at all the duck butter on your sheets"

"Bob and Bills love came into full bloom last night as is witnessed by all the duck butter on the walls and couch"
by RJA November 17, 2005
When you are playing a game of basketball or some other sport and you are sweating profusely in the butt crack region.
Man, I got some serious duckbutter right now.
by prodigy_the oNe May 11, 2008
an adjective that describes how thick a bad ass hoe is
Damn, that hoe is thick as duck butter!
by Euphis Q. Eienstienbacher September 16, 2003
Noun. 1) Fat from milk and duck added to churning butter (China). 2) Various musical bands. 3) An alcoholic drink and 'cure all' once sold in the late 1800's and early 1900's. 4) The sweat between one's butt cheeks often leading to a condition referred to as gigbutt, chapped ass or swamp ass (see Smegma, Swamp ass, Gig butt.)
1)Spread this duckbutter on your chow mein for more flavor. 4)Good lord it's hot; I bet you there's alot of duckbutter down on the beach tonight!
by Xavier Neuro February 17, 2007
The warm sticky fluid left by a man after he's done with sex.
Faith's cunt oozed duck butter after she just got the ride of her life!
by coastworm November 10, 2003
the thick mixture of sweat and dead skin that builds up in the flab rolls of fat people, especially women and expecially under the breasts. some men have fetishes to lick it up.
jon loved fat chicks, he especially loved to lap up their duck butter
by mc ebony May 08, 2003

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