the source of all evil in the universe. perverse little beings who would just as soon defacate on you from above as look at you.
Those goddamn ducks just besmirched my shlempen shelepper!
by squirrelmaster5.0 June 08, 2003
a fart
Did somebody step on a duck?
by Jimmy da Cheese October 14, 2008
A ugly ass bitch who think she looks good and always in your grill trying to talk to you.
When a boy is talking a ugly girl comes up in ask for his number.(she is a duck)
by Riio The Great November 15, 2007
The cutest animal in the world.
Look at all the ducks, aren't they cute?
by EBR July 29, 2005
a word used to mean farts or the acting of farting. commonly used with the phrase "stepped on a duck" to mean "i just farted"
hey jade it smells like ducks
what kinda of ducks molly?
the kind alisha just stepped on
by Molly August 23, 2004
The term "duck," as often used in the game of pocket billiards (or pool), represents an object ball that is directly in front of a pocket (one that is typically easy to make, or nearly impossible to miss).

These types of balls are referred to as "ducks" because they are "as easy to shoot as a duck."
I played the shot a little too softly, but at least it left me with a duck for my next shot.
by Giskard July 06, 2004
Twenty Dollars
You owe me two ducks for that bitch!
by peanut March 15, 2004

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