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7 grams of a drug, usually cocaine. comes from the number, 7, on michael vick's jersey.

see quarter ounce.
what it do boy i need to cop a vick
aiight den i got you it's gon be $180
that's love good lookin
#quarter #7 gs #7 grams #quarter oz #quarter ounce #cocaine #coke
by crunk407 March 27, 2008
When a girl rubs a hot load on her chest and neck, as if it were vapo rub, preferably after giving a blow job (if she is a spitter it is more acceptable to rub it all over her chest and neck, showing the affection she has for her partner)
My girlfriend knows I hate it when girls spit, so she vicks's it everytime she blows me.

She didnt like the taste of his cum so she started vicksing it.

He came so much that it dripped out and she had to vicks it or get it all over the sheets.
#pearl necklace #hawaiian islands #cum #semen #blow job
by huicho February 09, 2010
Verb: To Vick something is to fuck up an unfuck-up-able situation.
He totally vicked himself when he got caught dogfighting for a few grand and lost a $130 Million contract.
#pacman #pacmaned #pacmaning #vicked #vicking
by B Hanna November 12, 2007
One who runs over the homeless.
"You ran that stop sign? What a Vick."
#vick #bad driver #party animal #ticket #driving
by lolharharharharharhahr December 15, 2013
one whom is adept at the strictly english sport of cricket, enjoys parties, and is rather rudeboi.
BALI: im totally diggin the partayyy tonight, who's gonna show??!
KATHERINE: yeah it looks to be trifftasitic, the usual crowd including vicks
BALI: no way, THE vicks?!
KATHERINE: yes way fool
#vicks #cricket #ledge #party #rudeboi
by shepchenko2 September 15, 2008
The action of killing or punishing a lower life form < dog, cat, woman, ect>
My dog crapped on my new shag carpet, so I applied the VICK on it.

My women got VICKED cuz, she didn't fetch my Bud Light, in a timely manner.
#vick #vicked #vicking #nfl #falcons
by Bruce McClure August 23, 2007
very important crip killer
See that guy wearing the jersey?...he's a vick
#crips #gangs #jersey #football #atlanta falcons
by Mike B 519 January 18, 2007
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