vb. to fuck

In the world of predictive texting, the word fuck is replaced, often unnoticed by the sender, to duck. Known to be common on Blackberries and iPhones.

will you duck me tonight?
by MadHat Unspecific September 05, 2008
A girl that talks too much. After awhile everything she say sound the same. These is them hatin bitches that never shut up!
Man they betta not start shit cuz we press duckz in skirtz!
by Soreal October 20, 2003
A perverted peeping tom who hacks your webcam to spy on you during your most intimate moments.
This duck is spying on me, and the police seem to not be able to do anything about it.
by DuctTales March 29, 2010
A person who exudes scrub like qualities.
Man that niggah a duck at basketball did you see him miss that open shot?
by YoungMoney215 April 01, 2009
usually a pear-shaped, red-nosed quacking creature who likes to squeak in it's sleep.
Girl: "Omg, look, he/she's pear-shaped and wearing yellow! IT IS A DUCK!"
by cutethang October 28, 2008
In the prison system, easily manipulated staff. The opposite of a bull.
"The acting warden this weekend is a duck. We gonna riot!"
by adobe gillis November 20, 2007
Cricketing term:-

To be 'out' after scoring no runs.
"And that's another Duck for Jack Russel"
by black Flag June 11, 2004
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