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The combanation of dork and arse (asshole). Use for dorks that piss you off. Also good for dorks who show their butt crack frequently.
Scott is such a dorkass. He's gotta get off the computer and buy a belt.
by boobookittyfuck December 26, 2003
2 Republican Candidates and a possum (possibly a 3rd candidate) engaged in sexual intercourse in the back woods of Alabama whilst screaming "Roll Tide Roll" when they cum. After that they slide around in the Santorum.
Santorum comes from behind in an Alabama 3 way.
by BOOBOOKITTYFUCK February 25, 2012
(stomach; back) When a guy is doing a girl and pulls out cumming on her stomach or back during sex.
My girlfriend has a sweet ass landing pad.
by boobookittyfuck February 08, 2005
look at that nasty ass duck
by boobookittyfuck February 08, 2005
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