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The wrong way to properly spell "dubstep"
You spelled so wrong like a person who spells dubstep "dub-step"
by dotpeenge January 15, 2012
a type of subgenre of 2-step and dub. it consists of two noises and a "wobble". set into pop culture in england by Skream, Oris Jay, and EL-B, the movement began, after coming to america, artists such as skrillex shit on it, used the structure of complextro and called it dubstep. now skream and his buddies hated that music, called it brostep so they had nothing to do with it, ended the movement, and quit making dubstep because of how much shame it brought to them.
"did you hear about dubstep"
"oh you mean skrillex"
"no you idiot!" *kicks him in the balls*
by venomkiler July 18, 2013
1. A genre of music characterized by deep bass and a "wub wub" sound.

2. It sounds somewhat similar to the Terminator having an orgasm.

3. A genre of music that Skrillex ruined.

4. Music that peels deep into the new generation's need for over stimulation.

5. A genre that many people hate because it has no "soul," but when compared to modern pop music it actually makes you dumb 70% slower.

6. The most misunderstood music in the universe.

7. Music that actually has less "wubs" than those in my head when you try to tell me why its dumb.
Actual Dubstep Fan: Hey man do you listen to dubstep?

Idiot: What like Skrillex?

Actual Dubstep Fan: Idiot.
by TheDefiniteForce December 24, 2013
What people who are uneducated in the field of music genres call every type of EDM (electronic music).
Stupid Guy: Yo Dude, did you listen to that new song from Muzzy? That dubstep is soo awesome man.

Dude: That's drum and bass, you idiot.

Stupid Guy: No I swear that's dubstep!!!!11

Dude: No, dubstep would be like Skrillex or Ephixa.

Stupid Guy: Are you stupid?! It was totally dubstep, dude.

Dude: Whatever, I'm out of here.
by Mhmd_FVC March 03, 2014
The most ear-gasmic sound ever
Bob- did you hear that new dubstep song?
Other bob- no what did it go like?
by Bob._. August 23, 2013
A genre of electronic music that is typically 140 BPM with a half time kick and snare drum pattern.

Dubstep originated in the early 2000's in London. A combination of Dub, which is very similar to what most people call Reggae, and 2-Step Garage, which is where the heavy bass elements of Dubstep come from.

Dubstep today is very different from when it first originated. People unhappy with this "evolution" decide to call it apart from the Dubstep they know and love with the name Brostep.

As a person who enjoys both "types" of dubstep it is hard to put a label on them. The only thing upsetting about this genre is the amount of hate and ignorance that goes back and forth between people who discuss it.
Earlier dubstep artists who basically formed the genre.

More well known artists that recently took it to a new direction.
-Flux Pavilion
-Doctor P
by InternetAssholeGuy February 28, 2012
A unusual style of music with a 2 beat "pulsing" rhythm. Many "dubstep" fans are mislead into thinking that dubstep is just about the bass, and everything with a slight electronic sound or dubstep's "signature" feature, "wubs" is dubstep. In reality, however, bass doesn't really matter much, and dubstep doesn't entirely rely on electronics.
Very few songs by Skrillex, acclaimed "dubstep" artist
by Coffeehaus May 27, 2013