A genre of underground bass music originally created by people such as Benga, Skream, Plastician and Youngsta. Currently pioneered by people such as J:Kenzo, Distance, District, Kromestar, and Kaiju. Defined by a dark sound, slow tempo, a somewhat consistent, heavy bassline and a drum beat. Made in the UK. Not to be confused with the US dubstep shit pioneered by Skrillex and Datsik etc. Originally came from UK Garage music. Similar to Grime.
Person 1: Hey, you heard that new dubplate by Distance on the new GetDarker episode?

Person 2: Yeah, I really want to get that on vinyl, I love dubstep
by Crack Fiend February 17, 2015
The worst genre of "music" ever made. It simutaneously destroys the techno and rock genres. Sounds like many things, including but not limited to: a chainsaw fucking a robot, transformers doing anal, banging two dustbin lids together, explosive dirreha and a D.J. on speed having an epeleptic fit. Fanbase consists mainly of skater fags and hipsters who hav no musical taste and descrip it as "dirty", "filthy", and "sick."
Skaterfag: "check out this dirty base drop in this sick dubstep!!!!!"
Me: "U hav no musical taste. "Dirty" is what i did with my girlfriend last night. Hardcore porn is dirty. There's nothing "dirty" about a talentless dweb adding in a few bars of random base that has nothing to do with the rest of the song."
Skaterfag: "Your just close minded!!!!! Its real music, not that Nirvana crap u have!!!!!!"
Me: "Your a fucking moron. I don't want to live in this world anymore."
by mr.x012 October 15, 2014
A genre of electronic music that is typically 140 BPM with a half time kick and snare drum pattern.

Dubstep originated in the early 2000's in London. A combination of Dub, which is very similar to what most people call Reggae, and 2-Step Garage, which is where the heavy bass elements of Dubstep come from.

Dubstep today is very different from when it first originated. People unhappy with this "evolution" decide to call it apart from the Dubstep they know and love with the name Brostep.

As a person who enjoys both "types" of dubstep it is hard to put a label on them. The only thing upsetting about this genre is the amount of hate and ignorance that goes back and forth between people who discuss it.
Earlier dubstep artists who basically formed the genre.

More well known artists that recently took it to a new direction.
-Flux Pavilion
-Doctor P
by InternetAssholeGuy February 28, 2012
A popular song with "wub wub" thrown in at random intervals.
Guy 1: Hey, do you like dubstep?

Guy 2: No, it's basically what that text said up there.

Guy 1: Good point.
by Chowder183 August 31, 2012
If the Insane Clown Posse made electronic/dance music.
Dub step is stupid with its loping, syncopated beat and mishmash of faux gangster sounds.
by MonkeysUncle0 December 21, 2011
Music that sounds like two transformers having sex.
Person 1: Is that Dubstep I hear?
Person 2: No, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are at it again.
Person 1: Oh.
by summercamp! October 23, 2011
A genre of electronic dance music that originated in the UK during the late 1990s that draws on genres such as UK garage and dub. Typically a tempo of 140bpm.
I went to a dubstep party last night.
by HandTheTalkingHand June 22, 2012
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