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A unusual style of music with a 2 beat "pulsing" rhythm. Many "dubstep" fans are mislead into thinking that dubstep is just about the bass, and everything with a slight electronic sound or dubstep's "signature" feature, "wubs" is dubstep. In reality, however, bass doesn't really matter much, and dubstep doesn't entirely rely on electronics.
Very few songs by Skrillex, acclaimed "dubstep" artist
by Coffeehaus May 27, 2013
If the Insane Clown Posse made electronic/dance music.
Dub step is stupid with its loping, syncopated beat and mishmash of faux gangster sounds.
by MonkeysUncle0 December 21, 2011
Dubstep is the bastard tourette's child of Techno and Hip-Hop/Rap having a drunk one-night-stand and Techno smoked pot, drank and prostituted the entire pregnancy.

Sounds like nothing but blood-curdling noise created by someone who clearly doesn't know how to use a synthesizer properly if at all.
If you don't do some sort of drug or are at least a poser, dubstep will likely make you want to rip out your ears.
by Chitaka April 23, 2012
Music that sounds like two transformers having sex.
Person 1: Is that Dubstep I hear?
Person 2: No, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are at it again.
Person 1: Oh.
by summercamp! October 23, 2011
The sound that is produced when two Transformers have sex with a broken fax machine at the bottom of the ocean.
"What the hell are you listening to?"

"Dude, this is that new dubstep album I bought yesterday!"

"This is music? It sounds like robots gang-raping each other underwater."
by Man of the Year November 12, 2012
A popular song with "wub wub" thrown in at random intervals.
Guy 1: Hey, do you like dubstep?

Guy 2: No, it's basically what that text said up there.

Guy 1: Good point.
by Chowder183 August 31, 2012
A form of heavier electronic music put together on some kind of music software or application on your computer. Many people complain it's unoriginal and bland. So they choose words to describe it such as ''Womp womp'' and ''Transformers having sex.'' Which are, incredibly unoriginal and bland. This style of music also has sub genres branching from it if you don't like Skrillex's style, which the UK and most Americans refer to as Brostep, you could pick between several other categories including Liquid Dubstep, Drumstep, and Drum n Bass.
Overall, it is a rapidly succeeding musical genre, which people tend to dislike because they are against anything modern and want to look as cool as possible liking bands that are usually disheveled, and of the 1980s-90s era.
The people who bash on this genre as a whole use comments like ''Oh they just push buttons, I can make this''
But when asked to make a song fail to even download a studio software properly.
Example 1: ''Hey James, want to listen to this new Dubstep track I found out about?''

''wtf that shit is just him pushin buttons dats not real music''
by GoatCement August 04, 2012