(Noun) A term derived from the act of paying "double" to "step" into a club, which on this particular night features a DJ making playlists strictly of his own, computer based music, and shuffling said playlists on his iPod or laptop. Light shows and drugs are heavily involved and encouraged, to distract the attendants from the fact that it all sounds the same and the drinks cost $18.
The combination of Molly, lasers, and that song with 84 bass drops made me shit my pants at the dubstep show last night! Good thing there wasn't any money left in my wallet!
by PROPH3T1C November 09, 2012
Dubstep (n): the only form of music where credit can be taken for stealing another artist's musical accomplishments and mashing them together with random noise/boosted bass. This is not a remix of the original song, it is the slow, painful murder of it via facerolling on a keyboard while using FruityLoops or another similar, poorly fitted editing software. Generally enjoyed by people on rave drugs or with poor knowledge of the musical world.
Punch a walrus in the face, add some loud bass and/or random beeping and you have yourself the next big dubstep (s)hit
by musicthatdoesntsuck October 26, 2011
Dubstep is what we called "techno" in the very early '90s.

Go look up singles from Enigma and The Shamen, kids.

If rap's your thing and you want some serious bass, go find some M.C.A.D.E. Not the best rap out there, but the bass is solid. Don't bother with headphones -- you won't hear the bass. Get yourself some old fashioned amps and subs.
You think dubstep invented electronic bass? C'mon, son, we'll go dig out some of my vinyl techno singles from the '80s. Ain't nuthin' new under the sun.
by db0390ud October 19, 2011
Music that will fill your veins like ...blood. Dubstep is a genre of music that can turn any time, place or person into a fuckin party. It is derived from the latin word Nosuchthingastoomuchbass. It is an orgasm for your ears (when produced correctly) that ejaculates bass lines into your brain getting you hooked, this is te process in which "bassheads" are born.
Hey girlfriend, come rage with me tonight at the Dubstep show. Womp. womp. womp. WoMp.
by Lennifer Hopez November 03, 2010
Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in south London, United Kingdom. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals"

Look up bassnectar, skrillex for examples of dubstep
Guy 1: Why does this dj keep playing fucking ke$ha?

Guy 2: I don't know he should really put on some dub step.

Guy 1: That would be awesome dub step makes my ears orgasm!
by ItsColdUpHere May 24, 2011
a type of subgenre of 2-step and dub. it consists of two noises and a "wobble". set into pop culture in england by Skream, Oris Jay, and EL-B, the movement began, after coming to america, artists such as skrillex shit on it, used the structure of complextro and called it dubstep. now skream and his buddies hated that music, called it brostep so they had nothing to do with it, ended the movement, and quit making dubstep because of how much shame it brought to them.
"did you hear about dubstep"
"oh you mean skrillex"
"no you idiot!" *kicks him in the balls*
by venomkiler July 18, 2013
The funniest and coolest namesniper you'll ever meet.
Dubstep123: Dammit, 'Dubstep' was taken.
Dubstep: swg
Lion: dub is bae
by racerlion July 07, 2014
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