Dubstep is a bastardization of Drum and Bass, House, Electro and other genres of Electronic Dance Music into something that sounds like one of a few things at any given time that are not limited to but include; a chainsaw fucking a toaster, the sound of defecation whilst on Acid, broken speakers.

The last of these has led many an unwary listener to question a DJ's knowledge of his EQ and sound levels only to later find out that it was not any hardware failure that caused the angry sound of dubstep to assault their ears -a sound that has often been described by many true followers of PLUR as being "violent" "hateful" and "vibe crushing".

Dubstep is often described as being "filthy" "grimy" and "dirty" by its fans, which is ironic as they also describe themselves with the exact same words. Much like the bros that dubstep has excreted into the modern rave scene; dubstep should be divorced from raves as it does nothing to further the scene and is only destroying it like a cancer.

Dubstep should not be played at any event, ever.
Person A "Hey, did you hear the new Skrillex track?"

Person B "You mean the one that goes "wubwubwubwub wump wump wump wubwubwubwub?"

Person A "Yeah! That's the one!"

Person B "No."

Person A "Then how did you know what the track sounded like?"

Person B "I didn't, it's dubstep so I just guessed and made shit noises."
by Kemikal-Rabbit December 06, 2011
Simply, a genre of Electronic Dance Music based around a non-straightened half-step beat, wherein a bass-drum (kick) will often (but not always) play on the first downbeat and a mid-range percussion (snares, claps, etc.) playing on the third downbeat, with variations to this skeleton beat. It is often produced around 140BPM, but can go as low as 128 or even as high as 145, there is no real set BPM.

Sometimes it is said to be a downtempo genre but this is simply a misunderstanding of the concept of a half-step beat.

LFO modulated low and midrange basslines are not essential to the genre and alot of dubstep productions do not even incorporate them (e.g. Nero - Reaching Out, Bassnectar Remix - Ellie Goulding - Lights), and actually originated from it's origins in 2-step garage and Dub Reggae, and can be found in DnB and House.

Expanding on this, frequently, alot of songs that aren't Dubstep are referred to as Dubstep, mainly due to incorporating alot of features (LFO-Modded Bass, Dirty FM Synthesis Mid-Range, etc.) associated with Dubstep.

There is no specific feel to dubstep. It can be thrashy, heavy and dirty (e.g. Skrillex, Excision, etc.) or melodic, euphoric and trancey (e.g. Seven Lions, Xilent, etc.), or moody, relaxing and chill (e.g. Skream, Bassnectar, etc.). It can incorporate elements of a variety of different genres ranging from Trance and DnB to Hip-Hop and Nu-Metal, and the reverse is also true.

Person who understands what Dubstep is: It has a half-step beat, and is roughly around the tempo of 140, it's dubstep, even if you don't like it, which i definitely don't, but i won't lie that it doesn't fall into the genre.


You: Heatbeat is not Dubstep grandpa, they are electro-trance, but it's obvious you can't tell the difference.
by Sidechained Subbass October 27, 2012
Genre of music that has tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.
"last one standing" by example-dr. p remix dubstep best enjoyed freshout the oven.
by weedsloud March 07, 2011
Form of electronic music characterized by heavy baselines. Played at parties where everyone is too high and/or drunk to realize how terrible the music is.
"Womp womp womp womp womp womp womp womp womp womp womp womp womp" -Heard from a dubstep party.
by Suppishdude April 27, 2011
orgasmic vibrations
dubstep artists like skream, emalkay, savior, antisyrum, loefah, the widdler, nero, caspa, rusko ect.
by Bümschtîckauh Bauldãdæsch February 24, 2009
When combined with subwoofers it creates an orgasmic cacophony causing 99.7% of all noise ordinance violations.
1- Hey want to listen to some dubstep on my new soundsystem?

2-No, I don't really feel like crapping my pants right now.
by bri90 March 28, 2010
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