The act of taking a perfectly good song and buttraping it with a chainsaw. It is comparable to terrorism, or the minecraft creeper.
*song starts*
Person: Heyy this sounds good
Person: oh no it was a dubstep song x_x
by PhishR October 30, 2012
a type of subgenre of 2-step and dub. it consists of two noises and a "wobble". set into pop culture in england by Skream, Oris Jay, and EL-B, the movement began, after coming to america, artists such as skrillex shit on it, used the structure of complextro and called it dubstep. now skream and his buddies hated that music, called it brostep so they had nothing to do with it, ended the movement, and quit making dubstep because of how much shame it brought to them.
"did you hear about dubstep"
"oh you mean skrillex"
"no you idiot!" *kicks him in the balls*
by venomkiler July 18, 2013
The wrong way to properly spell "dubstep"
You spelled so wrong like a person who spells dubstep "dub-step"
by dotpeenge January 15, 2012
1. A genre of music characterized by deep bass and a "wub wub" sound.

2. It sounds somewhat similar to the Terminator having an orgasm.

3. A genre of music that Skrillex ruined.

4. Music that peels deep into the new generation's need for over stimulation.

5. A genre that many people hate because it has no "soul," but when compared to modern pop music it actually makes you dumb 70% slower.

6. The most misunderstood music in the universe.

7. Music that actually has less "wubs" than those in my head when you try to tell me why its dumb.
Actual Dubstep Fan: Hey man do you listen to dubstep?

Idiot: What like Skrillex?

Actual Dubstep Fan: Idiot.
by TheDefiniteForce December 24, 2013
the most retarded form of music this side of the milky way galaxy,it is believed that dubstep is really aliens trying to contact us,or that it is a form of musical cancer,some theorys even say its a virus that infects your brain and lowers IQ by a large amount or the most popular theory.this theory states that dubstep is created by two transformers,love,viagra,and a....recording device!? listen to and enjoy dubstep here is what you will need

1) a starting IQ of 30

2)a mentally retarded friend to show dubstep to you

3)a lack of understanding of music

you can not have

1) will power

2)any smart friends to dissuade you from trying it

3)loving parents

it is a proven fact that 80% of people who listen to dubstep have a higher tendency to watch and even masturbate to My Little Pony
retard:dude im making a few dubstep track you want to hear them?

smart person:what you want me to listen to a possible brain virus? ARE YOU INSANE?


smart person: you know what,never mind ill just go...have fun with your brain cancer you subhuman excuse of a parasite
by niko belic October 07, 2012
The worst genre of "music" ever made. It simutaneously destroys the techno and rock genres. Sounds like many things, including but not limited to: a chainsaw fucking a robot, transformers doing anal, banging two dustbin lids together, explosive dirreha and a D.J. on speed having an epeleptic fit. Fanbase consists mainly of skater fags and hipsters who hav no musical taste and descrip it as "dirty", "filthy", and "sick."
Skaterfag: "check out this dirty base drop in this sick dubstep!!!!!"
Me: "U hav no musical taste. "Dirty" is what i did with my girlfriend last night. Hardcore porn is dirty. There's nothing "dirty" about a talentless dweb adding in a few bars of random base that has nothing to do with the rest of the song."
Skaterfag: "Your just close minded!!!!! Its real music, not that Nirvana crap u have!!!!!!"
Me: "Your a fucking moron. I don't want to live in this world anymore."
by mr.x012 October 15, 2014
What people who are uneducated in the field of music genres call every type of EDM (electronic music).
Stupid Guy: Yo Dude, did you listen to that new song from Muzzy? That dubstep is soo awesome man.

Dude: That's drum and bass, you idiot.

Stupid Guy: No I swear that's dubstep!!!!11

Dude: No, dubstep would be like Skrillex or Ephixa.

Stupid Guy: Are you stupid?! It was totally dubstep, dude.

Dude: Whatever, I'm out of here.
by Mhmd_FVC March 03, 2014
The most ear-gasmic sound ever
Bob- did you hear that new dubstep song?
Other bob- no what did it go like?
by Bob._. August 23, 2013

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