The act of listening to dubstep constantly and basically letting dubstep become you're life. Motivation for living.
Austin was dubbing all night last night
Dubbing is what gets me through school without it Id be screwed.

Dubbing got me through studying for AP Chemistry

Rather than going on vacation, the teenager was dubbing.
by Sporty316 September 18, 2011
Top Definition
When a guy's frontal parts are pushing out onto a girl's butt in the act of dancing.
I was at the school dance when Jonah came up from behind and we started dubbing.

Let me tell you, the people I was dubbing with were really good!
by dubmasta November 12, 2005
The action that includes dancing, listening, or just plain getting high to the music known as dubstep. Dubstep is the music that is created from transformers having sex.
Guy 1: Dude I was dubbing so hard last night.
Guy 2: You still in the trance?
Guy 1: Ya man, shit's good!
by carsoncb1 March 14, 2011
the act of writing the word 'dub" on items
Do you wanna go to the bathroom and do some dubbing?
by taylorgang43403 October 31, 2010
Doing the nasty in a hot tub
"Dude, I totally spied on my neighbors dubbing in their backyard last night!"
by amball August 03, 2008
The act of female masturbation. A contraction of the phrase - To diddle your nubbin's
"sorry I'm late" panted Linda " I was dubbing away in bed and lost track of time"

"Well your honour. I was enjoying dubbing myself so much that I lost control of the car"
by Timmios June 08, 2005
tickle the head of the penis with your toungue
i was dubbing joe
also...joe was dubbed
or would u like me to dub you?
by jess April 03, 2003
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