The more convenient way to say WWE.
AJ said, "Did you catch me on dub dub yesterday?"

Kenny said, "Yeah, you lost to the Best in the World on the Biggest Stage of Them All. Now that's why we kicked you out of our Club."
by Jayaway June 15, 2016
The act of Making someone believe that they have concocted an evil plan, to force complete submission, when actually you have concocted an evil plan.
I dub dub'd him good.
by Little-undertaker July 13, 2015
1. 20/20

2. W.W

3. Rapper from Palm Beach Florida

4. Two bags of marijuana equaling $40
1. I can see fine, I have dub-dub vision.

2. The initials for Woodrow Wilson is dub-dub

3. We're living good now by dub-dub is always on the radio.

4. I got 40 dollars on me right now, time to get a dub-dub of that good sticky.
by sodarab February 09, 2011
The word is a semi-exclamatory which has a meaning of loving ______ Any name can be put into the blank.
Josh: Dub-Dub!
Chris: Really Josh. REALLY.
Tia: Whats with the words?
Viktor: ITABA!
by Jib-Jib November 07, 2011
Code word for "White people". Comes from "double-U". A dubdub is a Caucasian who perfectly fits the "white people" stereotype.
Guy 1: "Homie its f-f-freezing our here. How the fuck is Blake over there in sandals, shorts, and a beater?
Guy 2: "I d-d-dunno yo.... Mothafuckas a Grade A dubdub fa sho.
Guy 1: "Tr-tr-t-t-trillzz"
by brylon713 January 08, 2012
A doublechin, where some has a fat rol under there chin and they have a na na ney
Gordon has a dub dub
by Jamie strane November 07, 2007
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