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To buy drugs but instead receive a look-a-like substance. Comes from the practice of selling drywall to crack addicts during the crack epidemic.
Steve opened his bag of weed just to realize he had been drywalled and bought $20 worth of oregano.
by 56k March 15, 2011
6 1
Another word for being highly intoxicated, sort of like plastered.
"exams are finally done, let's get drywalled!"
by metdizzle December 08, 2008
6 4
The level of drunkenness that comes after being plastered. You'll know you're dry-walled when you know you've had wayyyy too many drinks.
Dude, plastered can't even begin to DESCRIBE how drunk I was last night.. I was like, dry-walled.

Only pussies get plastered, real niggas get dry-walled.
by thestonedstoner August 07, 2011
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