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when one of your teachers is relatively attractive compared to the rest of the painfully revolting staff.
id bang him, hes teacher hot.
by metdizzle November 09, 2007
when a girl, usually of the skanky variety, wears enough makeup on her face to paint a bathroom.
ew man look at her face, its caked.
by metdizzle February 16, 2008
my home town, the armpit of canada.
the actual name of the city is sarnia.
"dude, are you headin back to sarnhole for Christmas break?"
"yeah man, i'm headin back to sarnhole for Christmas break, and i can't fuckin' wait."
by metdizzle December 08, 2008
someone who deliberately ignores you when you are trying to get their attention, especially on msn when you know they are there.
i was talking to sarah on msn last night, and when i asked her for the money she owed me she she was being a total ignorasaurus.
by metdizzle March 31, 2008
for one to be extremely drunk and or high, causing one to act like a complete tard.
oh man, last night i was fucked out of my tree. i dont remember much, and im pretty sure i couldnt stand by the end of it.
by metdizzle March 14, 2008
this happens when a girl sits while wearing a pair of stiff jeans, and it looks like she has a penis bulge.
man i hate sitting in my new jeans, they give me a jean dick.
by metdizzle November 09, 2007
when the bra a girl is wearing makes her boobs appear good sized, until you take it off and discover they really are not.
i didn't let him take off my bra because it gives me false boobs.
by metdizzle November 09, 2007
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