Sex with clothes on, so not really sex at all. Often results in downstairs bruising/ inability to sit down for the woman. Even the morning after.
My boyfriend and I did some dry humping, making lots of noise on both our parts. Oo-er
#sexual #sex #orgasm #pleasure #moaning
by KatieKates992 August 04, 2009
Dry Humping -or- Dry Sex
The act of two bodies rubbing together to create sexual release, well... release for the girl. Guys complain about it because it does nothing to them. So its sexist sex.
“Dude, dry sex is lame.”
by Heather Inde April 26, 2005
The act of two bodies rubbing against eachother to result in pleasure with cloth or sheets covering contact to genitals. Results in little to no pregnancy/STD's.
"Dude we were totally dry humping last night!"
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by Lauren Nutsack October 27, 2015
1) Js, its bloody amazing!
2) its basically grinding against one another. It IS possible to orgasm, especially for girls, and does release the same hormones as penetrating sex. Only you keep clothes, or sheets, between your body and there is almost a 0% chance of getting pregnant.
David Cameron felt total euphoria as he was dry humping the pig.
by sazz.666 November 14, 2015
an alternative use of the term employed by relief pitchers in baseball that describes the act of 'warming up' in the bullpen and never getting the chance to go 'in'.
When the starting pitcher was struggling in the game, the manager had Jason warm up but since he never got in the game it was just another case of dry humping.
#dry hump #baseball #pitcher #warming up #game
by Slanidrac April 30, 2011
The worst thing in the history of the world.
We didn't even have sex. We were just dry humping. Now I'm going to have to kill myself.
#sex #abstinence #lame #humping #time vampire
by mediumpace June 04, 2010
The act of thrusting your hips in a way that represents having sex, but you are just humping the dry air.
Damn, I am so horny, I am just going to start dry humping the shit out of this open space and use my imagination.
#hump #imagination #fantasy #desires #gay
by I wanna be fine December 06, 2010
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