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A true dry hump involves taking off all clothes except for one partner's pair of underwear, penetrating as far as the fabric barrier will allow, and doing a sort of hybrid grinding/thrusting motion until the man cums.

Dry humping is mostly commonly associated with teenagers, who either do it because they're scared of the potential consequences of sex or claim to be committed to keeping virginity. Many teenagers perform similar actions with more layers of clothing on, but this is actually considered grinding rather than true dry humping.

Dry humping also takes place among couples, usually when either 1) the mood strikes and there's no condom on hand or 2) the girl is on her period and doesn't want to make a mess. In the former case, the man keeps his underwear on; in the later, the woman does. It can be a pleasurable changeup.
1) "I'm so horny, Kristin." "I know, Michael, but remember our promise rings. We can dry hump but we can't have sex."

2) "I'm so horny, Kristin." "I know, Michael, but now that we're adults who no longer give a shit about our promise rings, you need to remember to bring a condom. We can always dry hump."

3) "I'm so horny, Kristin." "I know, Michael, but I'm on my period. It won't be as messy if we dry hump."
by Tucker_Twat July 05, 2014
1) A long distance relationship that began online, sometimes through a dating site, sometimes through meeting elsewhere. Generally, these couples nurture their romantic feelings through Skype and phone calls. They rarely get to see one another, and might date for years before meeting. Sometimes, one partner has to pretty much sacrifice everything (job, family, etc.) to move to be with his lover. These relationships rarely work out.

2) A girl you see on the side online when you're in a real life relationship. It usually starts out as an innocent friendship, with the girl serving as someone to vent to about problems with your actual girlfriend. However, it almost always turns into cheating. Most time spent with an online girlfriend will consist of talking about how much better she is than your actual girlfriend, having her help you cum, and having her trade pics with you.

3) A fictitious creature and the original definition of the word. Because it's so hard to prove otherwise, a single guy may lie and say that he's dating a girl online with whom he's simple friends or whose pics he possesses. It's a self esteem booster...until he's caught.
1) Sarah was Aaron's online girlfriend. They dated for 2 years and talked on Skype every night, but they online see one another 3 times. They eventually broke up because neither was willing to move across the country.

2) Brittany was Michael's online girlfriend. He wasn't happy in his relationship with Amanda, so he would masturbate while Brittany showed him her tits.

3) Tim was having trouble with women. When he was at the bar with some guys, he didn't want to seem like a loser, so he lied and talked about his "internet girlfriend" Jessica. He showed these guys pics he pulled off of her Instagram.
by Tucker_Twat July 06, 2014
A girl who you've been dating for at least 3 years and with whom you currently live. She's someone you intend to marry, and someone you view as more than just a girlfriend, but who is still not legally bound to you. The wifey is becoming more common as people are more deliberative about entering into marriage. A lot of people in the current generation are either waiting until they are financially in better shape to get married or are putting it off to work out problems before they walk down the aisle.
"You've been dating Kerri for 5 years. When is she going to become your wife?"
"She's my wifey, and I love her so much, but she won't become my wife until I can figure out my cheating problem.
by Tucker_Twat July 05, 2014
1) When used by a high school or college aged kid, it's an immature term of endearment. Boys of this age think it sounds like a very suave term, and girls of the same age group view it as extremely romantic. Young people in committed relationships usually don't use this phrase.

2) When used by men, it's a term used to attempt to a charm a girl who he's only interested in sleeping with. If a guy refers to his girlfriend as babygirl, you immediately know that the foundation of their relationship is sex and that the couple is heading for a breakup. More commonly, a girl will refer to a girl he's sleeping with on the side as his babygirl, while reserving sweeter terms for his wife/wifey/girlfriend.
1) "You're my babygirl. Our high school romance will last forever."

2) "Hurry, babygirl, help me cum before my wifey gets home!"
by Tucker_Twat July 05, 2014
An unemployed and often uneducated woman. Because daytime television tells her, she believes that she has the "hardest job in the world." In her peanut brain, she never quite comprehends that women with REAL jobs perform the same tasks as housewives in ADDITION to going to an actual place of employment for 8+ hours per day. Housewives usually are extremely subservient to their husbands and tend to battle depression. They claim to be tired out from long days of playing with small children, making dinner, doing some minor cleaning, and watching lots of television. They will usually cry at the drop of a hat. After the children get older, they become a taxi service for taking kids to activities and friends' homes. Again, still a very easy life. Eventually, the kids leave the house and they spend their time going to book clubs and shit. Oh, and housewives almost invariable cheat when they get bored.
"I have a housewife. It's the hardest job in the world keeping up with my 2 little ones."

"No, you have a life of luxury. I'm a divorced mother of 3 trying to make it in the corporate world while still putting my kids on the right path. I think I have it just a LITTLE harder."
by Tucker_Twat July 06, 2014

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