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As with drunkspacing, this is the act of browsing facebook whilst drunk, adding random people, leaving unnecessary comments, and "tagging" all your cute friends in your new drunken pictures.
Natalie's favorite activity to come home to after a night on frat row is drunkbooking.
by Neekoh January 23, 2006
47 3
Posting on FaceBook while intoxicated. A post one wouldn't normally place unless uninhibited due to consumption of intoxicating substances
"This bitch is hot", something I posted while drunkbooking, to the HR manager's FB page.
by b1gredrandy March 21, 2009
33 9
when you attempt to randomly facebook your friends while being completely intoxicated
i got caught drunkbooking about 5 people last night at the bar
by casey jessica smith December 14, 2008
13 1
When someone has been drinking and is drunk. They get on facebook wither it be their phone or a computer and they say things that they shouldn't be saying.

The act of being drunk and on facebook.
Johnny drunkbooked the other night and instead of sending his girlfriend a raunchy message. He sent it to his mom cause they both have the same first name.

Timmy drunkbooked last night and said somethings he was not supposed too.

Dude you were drunk booking last night on your phone.
by nickybobby October 19, 2009
12 3
The Facebook equivalent of Drunk Dialing, or drunk texting/sexting.
"Oh, man. I got wasted last night and just realized I may have been Drunkbooking late-night. No..."
by ggbeltram April 13, 2009
10 1
when someone is really drunk, and gets on facebook, and posts all kinds of random things that will soon be regrettable. its a bad habit to break. for some unknown reason, drunkbookers think that ALL of their friends should know they are drunk and what they are doing.
Dude, i got hammered last night and was drunkbooking. I had 5 different statuses telling everyone how drunk i was. I gotta quit doing that.
by bmfdiesel February 23, 2010
8 0
Getting on facebook whilst drunk and making weird comments you wouldn't normally make etc.....
"Oh my God, I forgot, I was totally drunkbooking last night! Crap!"
by Lila_Turner May 15, 2009
7 0